Welcome to eatrealandconceive.com; we are so pleased you have found our page, but sad you have had to look for us…

We are Liz and Sarah and we are dedicated to helping couples conceive through the use of nutritional therapy and lifestyle change. Read our story below; but in a nutshell, Sarah struggling to conceive is how she met Liz and turned to nutrition which was completely life-changing.

We know how you feel; so there are no pictures of babies on our site. What you will find here is first rate nutritional advice from Liz, a fully qualified, registered and regulated nutritional therapist. And… you will find helpful practical advice from Sarah on recipes, food organisation and food lifestyle change. The combination of the two of us together – the scientific and the practical is what makes us unique and really able to effectively help you reach your goal of being a parent.

Our Story

We first met in 2011.  Sarah had been suffering with endometriosis and was about to undergo her third round of surgery and start IVF. There was more and more research being published about how food and autoimmune conditions are linked. Sarah desperately needed to do something to help her cope with the disease and bring some control back into her life. She found Liz to help her feel better and give her the best possible chance of IVF working.

Liz showed her that the traditional western diet of toast for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and pasta for dinner, with a slice of cake thrown in at tea time was making her sluggish and feel rubbish. She completely changed her food lifestyle and within 3 months had lost 18 pounds, recovered from surgery, had energy and fell pregnant just before the start of IVF. Sarah is convinced the nutritional therapy from Liz turned her life around and has never looked back.

Liz and Sarah’s professional relationship and later friendship grew into a desire to help others change their lives and spread the message in an accessible way for normal people leading busy lifestyles.  In 2015, we launched Eat Real and Heal, built a website and started to blog on the positive impact of nutrition and lifestyle changes on health. In 2017 we launched Eat Real and Conceive to focus specifically on fertility and are currently building an on-line course for couples to follow from the comfort of their own home.

A Fertility Foodstyle

We are passionate about the impact of food on fertility. Our food philosophy is away from the faddy “Fertility Diets” and towards what we call a “Fertility Foodstyle”. No “diet”; no dull food, no impossible asks; just showing you how to marry the science with the practical and make long lasting changes; serving you to parenthood and beyond.

We start with specific nutrients key to forming eggs and sperm and making the reproductive system work as it should. Then we add in our Foodstyle Fundamentals:-

Embracing good quality protein with every meal, eating healthy fats, eating a rainbow of 7 portions of vegetables and 3 fruit a day and using gluten free wholegrains like quinoa.

Avoiding refined carbohydrates and sugars, sweeteners and additives, unhealthy fats, chemically loaded food and excessive alcohol and caffeine.

The Fertility Foodstyle is core to our on-line course we are building for couples like you – it has the recipes, the shopping lists, the kitchen equipment lists and a plan. Interested in finding out more then please get in touch!


Our Credentials

What our clients say…

“I came to see Liz because I had been having problems with fertility for a long time. I found her very reassuring and very helpful in planning the changes I could make to my diet and lifestyle. Liz was also very supportive both during the appointments and in between via email. I also got my first positive pregnancy test after trying for several years. If it wasn’t the nutritional changes I made then that’s one amazing coincidence.”
Jane, Lincolnshire

“Here, at last, are two people – Liz and Sarah – who can decipher all the rubbish and mistruths that we are told about our food.  I have known of their work for some considerable time and here, at last, are people who, in a clear and concise way, have developed a way to provide the necessary skills and knowledge to enable their clients to gain a lifetime of positive health outcomes.”
Dr Neil Shaw

“I am really loving your recipes as they are easy to do and taste amazing. So I am actually cooking and I really feel that working together has helped me move forward with that. So a big massive thank you.”
Alexandra, Leeds

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